We supply an excellent range of positioning chairs and cushions designed for children and adults with disabilities.

These positioning aids support the individual when sitting or lying down. They promote proper posture and adapt to the users shape for optimum comfort.

We have products to suit a wide range of conditions and disabilities from mild to complex needs. Our Product Specialist offers assessments throughout Scotland. We take the time to understand every user and to find a product that is fitting for their requirements.

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Gravity Chair

Gravity Chair

The Gravity Chair is a specially designed foam positioning system which offers support, sensory feedback and stability to children and adults with a range of disabilities. The Chair promotes a low centre of gravity in the user, which naturally encourages a stable seated position, and has high arm rests and snug-fitting lateral supports to enhance a feeling of safety, security and well-being.
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Stabilo Chilli Bean Posture Cushion

The Stabilo Chilli Bean is an adjustable vacuum support posture chair which can be individually moulded to the users requirements making it perfect positioning every time. Unlike other similar posture chairs on the market such as the P Pod range, the Chill Bean can be adjusted as the user's needs change without the need to purchase new equipment.
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Stabilo grande vacuum support mattress

Stabilo grande vacuum support cushion is a mattress size cushion that adapts to the users shape. May be used for lying on, sitting or physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The mattress is supplied with an electric pump, Vacumaker, that allows to quickly change and set the shape.
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Tumble Floor Deluxe Sitter

Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat

Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat is designed to be used for short term activity at home, school or in clinics. Keeps children in the correct postural position. Equipped with comfortable contoured interior. Available in 4 sizes and has adjustment features to grown with your child.
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Special Floor Sitter

Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter

The Soft Touch Sitter from Special Tomato is the ideal adaptive seating choice for children ages 6-9. This soft-to-the-touch seat provides a seating experience for a special needs child that is comfortable and functional. Equipped with a soft contoured seat with anti-thrust seating surface, built-in abductor, contoured head and lateral supports and adjustable 5-Point Positioning Harness.
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Burnettt Full Body Range

Burnett Premier Full Body Chair Vacuum Support

The Burnett Body Support for children is a supportive seating system that provides optimum postural development and provides seating support, thus allowing the user to concentrate on other activities.
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