Veldink4Kids is a company that specializes in designing and manufacturing modern contemporary wheelchairs for children. Veldink4Kids want to ensure that each child is given the opportunity to explore and live as freely as possible. Their wheelchairs are the optimum combination of function and design, not compromising on usability for a sleek look.

There’s no denying the Veldink4Kids range of wheelchairs is modern & stylish, with colours and customisation options to appeal to every child, keeping them and their parents happy! In addition to a wide selection of frame colours, check out the amazing wheelcovers and spoke guards available with their favourite cartoon, gaming and comic book characters.

With safety at the forefront of their design process, every Veldink4Kids wheelchair is crash tested and conforms to ISO 7176-19.

There are 5 models in the range and each has their own unique specifications to fit the needs of the user. Let’s take a closer look at the Veldink4Kids portfolio now available at Fast Aid, Scotland.

Kiddo Up

The Kiddo Up is an active lightweight wheelchair with a tilt function especially for the smallest users. The Tilt in space function offers the ability to alternate position. An innovative wheelchair for children who can hoop for themselves and sometimes need a tilt function!  The wheelchair grows with the child and is adjustable in width, depth and height. Very light in weight (from 10 kg – including wheels), but retaining the familar Veldink4kids quality.

Up001 Up005 Up006 Up007

Kiddo Tilt

The Kiddo Tilt has been designed to offer exceptional adjustability and is provided with our revolutional tilt system! The ideal positioning of the shoulder axle in relation to the rear wheel. The mechanism is especially designed so that the pivot is close to the balance point. Tilting without change of center of gravity. This tilt in space function allows the smooth change of the user´s position and grants an effective relaxation of spine and pelvis. The Tilt can be adjusted from -10 and up to +50 degrees. The Tilt is a practical indoor and outdoor wheelchair and ideal for children who want to drive themselves. One of the few available tilting wheelchairs suitable for self-drive.

Tilt009 Tilt007 Tilt002 Tilt004

Kiddo Classic

The Kiddo Classic is all-rounder of the Veldink4kids wheelchair family! A reliable “companion” in all situations, this 4-wheel children’s wheelchair is custom made and is a perfect combination of design and functionality. The Kiddo Classic is an active wheelchair with a strong rigid frame, the seat is adjustable in width, height and depth, allowing the chair to grow with the child.

Classic009 Classic002 Classic004 Classic006 Ezgif 3 9e261bf927 Copy

Kiddo Space

With the Veldink Kiddo Space wheelchair, the great adventure of exploring a new world can start today! The Kiddo Space is a lightweight wheelchair for active kids. The ideal children’s wheelchair for early childhood (starts from 12-15 months), which is manufactured and adapted to the user.

Space001 Space003 Space006 Space009

Kiddo Adapt

Adapt. And that is exactly what this innovative tilting seat shell base does. The ideal combination of wheelchair chassis and seat shell. Optimally adjustable so that self-driving, pushing and the installation of almost every seat shell has become a breeze. Whether it is a sitting orthosis or seating shell system from third parties, the Kiddo Adapt is the ideal adaptable base wheelchair! As one of the few on the market extremely suitable for users are able to self propel, the light driving makes it easy for the user or for the attendant control.

Adapt001 Adapt003 Adapt004 Adapt009

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