We supply and install overhead track hoists/gantry hoists throughout Scotland. From the initial survey to installation, training and aftersales our dedicated team has the expertise to ensure you get the best moving and handling solution available.

Whether its a simple single room install or complex through room installation we offer a wide range of hoists for all your needs.

We stock leading brands of mobile and overhead patient hoists including Molift, Invacare, Arjo, and Oxford.

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Track hoists can be eligible for a council grant and with new housing associations. Get in touch if you need any help or advice.

Voyager Portable Hoist System 1

Easytrack Portable Hoist Track System

The Easytrack system is a unique overhead portable track designed for the Voyager Portable hoist. It requires no permanent fixings, no structural alterations and can be assembled in as little as 5 minutes by just one person.The unique floor-to-ceiling design eliminates the need for specialist fixings, alterations or electrical installations. This allows the system to be used permanently, semi-permanently or even temporarily.
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Robin Hoist

Invacare Robin Ceiling Hoist

The Invacare Robin ceiling hoist provides a unique and innovative method of transfer with care. Ensuring excellent personal contact the two strap design offers comfort and efficiency in a safe handling environment. The Robin has no obstructive spreader bar; offering a safe and dignified transfer with optimal client and carer contact.
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Gantry1 1000x1000

Oxford Voyager Portable Track Lift

The Oxford Voyager Portable along with the Easytrack system combine to form a truly portable overhead lifting solution for the home, care home and hospital. Whether for homecare, an emergency or temporary solution, or just that a fixed ceiling lifter is not suitable, the Voyager Portable with its 200kg (31st) lifting capacity provides the perfect answer.
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Arjo Max Sky

Arjo Maxi Sky 440 Ceiling Hoist

The Maxi Sky 440 is an easy-to-operate portable ceiling hoist which allows a single caregiver to perform transfers of patients, avoiding the stress and strain associated with manual lifting.
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Molift No

Molift Nomad Ceiling Hoist

Molift Nomad has a unique curved design and the integrated 4-point sling bar provides the user with a comfortable and more spacious position. Molift Nomad can be used with all passive Molift Slings. Molift Nomad is equipped with numerous safety features such as electronic overload protection, electrical emergency lowering and emergency stop.
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Molift S

Molift Rail System

Molift Rail System has rail profiles with innovative solutions for integration into all types of ceilings and walls. The wide range of fixing options results in making it one of the most most efficient installation processes in the market. It is easily integrated and is aesthetically adjusted to the design and architecture of the room.
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Molift Ceiling

Molift Air 350 Ceiling Hoist

The Molift Air 350 is a ceiling hoist featuring Molift Rail System and Molift slings. Molift Air solves most day-to-day hoisting situations in health care and other patient handling environments. Molift Air 300 is suitable for sitting and horizontal transfers, as well as standing and gait training situations. It is used with fixed ceiling rails but can also be used for portable free-standing systems.
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Handi Mov

Handi-Move Wall Lift

The Handi-Move Wall lift comes with a telescopic arm and powered lift which is operated via a handheld control on a wander lead. The outreach of the arm can be adjusted continuously and ensures an adequate lifting range. The wall lift is used to hoist disabled people and those with reduced mobility from their wheelchair into the bed, the bath and the toilet.
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